You Are Too Impatient, Buhari Tells Nigerians In New Year Message

Buhari's New Year broadcast

You are too impatient, Buhari tells Nigerians in New Year message

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that Nigerians are impatient people with unrealistic expectations.

The president said this in a New Year message which was broadcast on major TV and radio network on Monday morning.

“We Nigerians can be very impatient and want to improve our conditions faster than may be possible considering our resources and capabilities,” he said.

He said the challenges facing the country were more with its processes rather than its structure.

Mr Buhari thus urged his countrymen who are unemployed to engage in self-employment rather than waiting for the government or corporate organisations.

He said, “By the same token, I am today appealing to enterprising Nigerians with ideas and unemployed graduates and other able-bodied and literate men and women with ideas not to just sit and wait for employment from the government or the Organized Private Sector.

“Great nations are built by enterprising people who turn their hands to anything that circumstances dictate.”

He said the unemployed graduates should learn from those who listened to his admonition two years ago to turn to agriculture.

He said the advice has not only helped them but has assisted the government to revive the economy.

“Two years ago I appealed to people to go back to the land. I am highly gratified that agriculture has picked up, contributing to the government’s effort to re-structure the economy,” Mr Buhari said.

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