The Shoe Dance And Comedy Group

The Shoe Dance and Comedy Group
The Shoe Dance and Comedy Group

The shoe it’s a dance and comedy web series. Where dance meets comedy.

A story of two young men who discover a pair of shoe and this actually make them dance but having a fight who will take the pair as his own, this leaving them to always wear one each out of the pair that makes them dance with energy and synchronization.

The adventure continues as they always fight about who will take the whole pair of shoes.


As unemployment is tight on our neck like a Bow Tie in this Nation, Nigeria with Youths below the age of 35years suffering it the most, two group of boys have taking to comedy and dance combined to make their selves useful in the society and shun violent crimes and fraudulent crimes and some of their peers has resorted to.


Meet Joseph Evans a.k.a Jojo and Daniel Ukaegbu a.k.a Dlious the Solemn child duo dancers, singers, entertainers.


As Jojo talks about themselves:

Joseph Evans first speaks “my name is Joseph Evans  and my nickname is Jojo, I was born in Portharcourt, born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Evans Agwu who hails from Abia State, I  happen to be the last child of 5 siblings.

Did my Primary and Secondary School even University in Portharcourt, I went to Rivers State University of Science and Technology, graduated from the Department of Applied biology.

Been dancing since I was a kid but stated dancing professionally in 2010. I am a Dancer, Choreographer, also a Performer gone to major dance competitions like Maltina dance all, rivers state freestyle band competition and won. I am also a dance  Instructor.


My elder Bro inspired me so much. But internationally, I was inspired by the  likes of Usher Raymond, Michael Jackson and in Nigeria Pqsuare.

My major success so far in my carrier is the competitions I’ve gone and won like the carniriv freestyle band competitions where I won as a dancer in 2011 and as a choreographer in 2013.


Dlious and I actually met in a game center where we shared our dreams together as dancers back then in 2008”

He went on to talk about his ‘Second Pair of Shoe’ since he wasn’t available at the time of this interview “His real name is Daniel Ukaegbu, he is from Imo State, he has a degree Architecture, born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Ukaegbu, he has 6 siblings and went to Federal University of Technology Owerri (Futo). I really like to work with this guy, he has been extremely helpful and supportive, when the road gets tough he’s always there and he’s fun to be with. We performed together in so much that synchronizing is no longer a problem to us, we can actually do freestyle and you will think we have been practicing it for a while.

My advice to all the unemployed youths in our society today is, I will say… 1st thing 1st is to be close to God because that’s all they need and to find a possible talent they have and work on it with focus, with that other things will fall in place as they want it to be and never to take No for an answer to whatever their dreams be.


You can watch our videos on facebook or Instagram @solemnchild or even book us for shows, you call or chat us Whatsapp with this number +2349056773483

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