Nuhu Ribadu’s Return To APC: The Blessed Coming Home Of A Child Of Destiny

There are no better words, better terms and better encomiums to depict the personality of Malam Nuhu Ribadu than to simply describe him as a fearless young man whose astute qualities of good act of leadership showcases him to be among the few Nigerians bent on changing the country for good no matter the pains.

His tasteless consciousness against the corrupt nature of many Nigerians occupying various positions was made known when he was the pioneer Executive Chairman of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), a commission tasked with the duty of countering corruption and fraud.

Under Ribadu’s administration as the EFCC Chairman, the Commission charged prominent bankers, Commissioners of Police, Former as well as serving State Governors, Ministers, Senate Presidents, high- ranking political party members, and perpetrators of advance-fee fraud to court. The Commission also issued thousands of indictments and secured over 250 convictions. The most notable among the cases was that of the former Inspector General of Police, Tafa Balogun, who incidentally, was Ribadu’s Boss and was convicted, jailed and made to return £150 million under a plea bargain.

These efforts are rare and can only be found in a Man with a gifted and good intentions to save our dear country from the evil hands of reckless leaders.


Nuhu Ribadu is more of a born-Politician than a Police officer, a career he built through the dint of hard work to have retired as an Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG).

His father, Muhammadu Mahmud Ribadu, was among the “junior” Nationalists in the North who struggled alongside Ahmadu Bello (Sardaunan Sokoto) and Tafawa Balewa to have Nigeria count as a country. He later became the first Defence Minister in the first republic.

Good people are but few, and in time, most become prone to the enmity of the bad.  For immediately Mahmud Ribadu retired, he became the most wanted enemy of his enemies, causing him to be a fugitive from his fatherland.

In the year 2010, he returned to Nigeria and declared his intention to contest for the position of Nigeria’s Presidency under the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). A party that metamorphosed to the present ruling party after a strong alliance that merged up with other like-mind Parties to what is now as All Progressives Congress (APC).

Though he gallantly lost out to the then ruling Party – PDP – but he kept his fate in the struggle to build a good political tent for young Nigerians who are looking up to him for a better Nigeria.

Nuhu’s political life, nature and even struggles are closely likened to that of President Muhammadu Buhari by many, owing to schools of thought. This is because of the many similarities they share in common: forthrightness, honesty, activists for human rights, detribalised, non-sentimental, and having only one passion – to grow Nigeria not individuals or entities.

The return of Nuhu from exile in 2010 has given him the opportunity to fully participate in politics. Being the good person he is, he became the most sorted for by both the then political party in power (PDP) and the then opposition; the present party in power but his political fate pedalled to PDP.

In August 2014, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu defected to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the intention to run for the Governorship of Adamawa State, were he chivalrously lost to  the All Progressives Congress, APC.


In Adamawa state it is a long anticipation of many people who believed so much in the Buhari style of leadership and the APC slogan, the mantra of ‘change’, singing in the lips of many Nigerians: To Change Nigeria from bad to good; from shackles of bad governance as a results of bad people in power.

To them, Nuhu is a big fish that will help make APC strong, not only in Adamawa state but Nigeria as a whole.

As one of the stakeholders of APC in Adamawa State who processed and engineered the return of former Governor Murtala Nyako to the party, Dr Umar Duhu, said “every Adult Nigeria has the the right to join any Political Party as it’s enshrined in the constitution.”

According to him, in reference to Fundamental Human Rights (Right to Peaceful Assembly and Association); Chapter 4.40 of 1999 Constitution as Amended, that ‘one has a freedom to associate and form an association; freedom of thought and conscious to join or practice any religion; freedom of speech’, etc.

“When I held swear as the Pioneer National Vice Chairman North-East, I voluntarily registered the duo into APC at no stress. Now is the right of others to re-join where they originally are a part of its conception and Formation.

“So what’s all these brouhaha all about?

“Our Leaders know the Nigeria Constitution very well, and I will be most disappointed if any one of these Leaders will stoop low and be a stop gap in the entry of any one member into the Great APC – the Party still on Noah’s Voyage.

“Welcome Home AIG Mallam Nuhu Ribadu Rtd!!!” said Dr Duhu.

Others like Adamu Garbajo who were the arrow heads to canvased for President  Buhari in the North-Eastern region, was bent to say: “anyone against anybody to form a progressive union is an enemy of Democracy.”

“Oh home sweet home, Nuhu welcome home, heir of the throne. Welcome home! Welcome to APC your original home of abode.”

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