Minister Canvases For Peace-Building as Countries Agenda


Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu has called on all member states of Commonwealth to embrace peace-building saying that it should be the agenda of all countries, national institutions.

He stated this in his keynote address during the 2017 Commonwealth Day celebration, in Abuja.

The Commonwealth Day observance and celebration provides an opportunity for member states and their citizens to promote and remediate themselves to commonwealth ideal.

Speaking on the Theme, “A Peace -building Commonwealth, he said security is the main task of peace-building.

“Improving human security is the main task of peace building and thus can only come from the co-operative efforts of different actors and stakeholders in government and Civil society organisation.

“The role of peace in national development cannot be over emphasised because no progress is possible without a peaceful environment.

“It follows therefore that peace building should be the agenda of all countries, national institutions and peace building efforts should be the responsibility of all and sundry.”

The Queen and Head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth ll, said for benefits of progress and prosperity to be multiplied, justice and rule of law must be upheld.

Mrs. Ngozi Ibe, the Director Education Support Services who read her message said the justice can be achieved by striving for societies that are fair and offer opportunities for all, then division can be conquered and reconciliation can be found.

“As member of Commonwealth family, we can find much to be thankful for in the inheritance we have received from those who came before us.”

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