Man interrupts Minister’s funeral, claims he was sent by God to ‘resurrect’ him [PHOTO]

A man identified as Anthony Njuguna reportedly interrupted the funeral service of Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Minister, Joseph Nkaissery; claiming he was sent by the ‘Holy Spirit’ to pray for him to rise from the dead.

According to Nation Newspaper (Kenya), Njuguna rushed to the podium when the country’s Chief of Defence Staff, Gen Samson Mwathethe, had just started addressing the mourners who attended the funeral service; forcing him to momentarily cut short his speech.

He claimed to have been sent by God to come and pray for the late Nkaissery to be raised from the dead.

However, security details attached to the Defence Chief frog-jumped him out of the church auditorium.

The guards were clearly at a loss as to how the man gained access to the podium, when some VIPs were being denied access to the tent.

One of those who did not find space into the tent was the ruling Jubilee Party’s Secretary, Raphael Tuju, who sat patiently in the sun until someone found him space inside the tent.

“The spirit of the Lord sent me here, to come and fight the forces of death.

“If you allow me to go back there and pray for Gen Nkaissery; if he does not resurrect, feel free to kill me.

“I told God that I would be coming to this place and asked Him to send his angels so that they could protect me until I reached where the casket was,” Njuguna said

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