Today’s Impact Newspaper Advert Rates


Online Advert Rates

Online Advert Rates


1. All adverts are expected to be prepaid in favour of Today’s Impact.

2. All agencies/advertisers are to supply camera-ready artworks.

3. The artwork should be in electronic form either GIF or jpeg format.

4. Advert may not be published if the visual given are considered too poor as to affect reproduction.

5. Camera-ready artwork should be supplied not later than four days before the intended publication date to give room for a test run.

6. Advertiser/client will be surcharged 5% of cost of space where camera-ready artwork is not supplied. 7. In case of 6 above, the raw material for production of artwork should be submitted at least 1 week ahead of the intended date of publication.

8. A written request for cancellation of advert must be received not later than four days before the date originally booked for publication.

9. Any request for cancellation after the four days deadline will attract a surcharge of 50% of the cost of space.

10. Request for substitution of advert material must be received with the new material not later than three days before the intended date of publication.

11. Any request for substitution of artwork after the three days deadline will attract a surcharge of 20% of the cost of space.


1) 05% – enhanced discount as incentive for prepayment

2) 2.5% – series discount (5 – 10 insertions)

3) 05% – series discount (11 – 20 insertions)

4) 10% – series discount (21 insertions and more)

INDEMNITY – An indemnity form would be signed by client if the content of advert to be exposed is in doubt.

Hard Copy Advert Rates

Hard Copy Advert Rates


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