About Us

VISION: To be the provider of FREE information, without fear of favour, but with a bias in education.

MISSION: To produce a FREE newspaper that is untainted with political, tribal, religious and commercial colouration, using well-trained and well-motivated professionals and ensuring a quarter of the pages are for education, educators and learners.   


Today’s Impact is a newspaper that is circulated in all the geographical zones in Nigeria. It is currently the only newspaper in the country that is distributed FREE to the general public. For that reason, it relies mainly on direct distribution, as most vendors insist on selling. Some of vendors who major on delivering papers to offices do, however, work with us to fulfil a FREE newspaper vision.

Thus, in addition to street distribution, we ensure free delivery to all secondary schools in Abuja and most northern states, most tertiary institutions; and all Senators and members of the House of Representatives. Furthermore, we distribute copies to all ministers, permanent secretaries, heads of government agencies and many of their directors. They all get our paper because we give it to them FREE.

Because we believe that the state of education in Nigeria deserves urgent and critical attention, much ahead of all other sectors, Today’s Impact newspapers is on a supportive mission to rescue the sub-sector. That is why we pride ourselves as the only newspaper that has strong bias for education in Nigeria, with a quarter of our entire pages devoted to it.



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